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One pandemic night, on a Wednesday in April to be exact, at home (of course), my fiancé Anastasia and I were hungry. We were debating what we should cook for dinner. We turned on the tv and saw our lord and savior, Gordon Ramsay, making a Beef Wellington — we instantly knew this is what would be our dinner and we attempted to make the daunting Wellington. Although it seemed simple, the thin puff pastry exterior with the perfectly cooked beef interior was a challenge; but we did it.

After devouring the first, second and third Wellingtons ourselves, we knew we had made something special. Because this cooking magic happened on a Wednesday, "Wellington Wednesdays" was born. 

Every Wednesday for the next 15 weeks we began to make and sell Beef Wellingtons. A few weeks in, we added Anastasia's now famous chicken pot pies. We introduced Salmon Wellingtons, Burger Wellingtons, Kabob Wellingtons and so on...

Fast forward to NYE 2021, our Wellington demand was so strong that we decided to create a way people can enjoy them over a longer period of time. So we entered the frozen food market so more people can try and enjoy our food.

We hope you enjoy our wellingtons and pot pies as much as we do. They are made with love from our kitchen to yours.